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Q:How does a project slip? A:One day at a time

These are the typical services offered by us.

Please review the papers & case studies referenced below and note that you can see a selection of other papers on the Papers Page.

1. Management of Projects or Programmes

We can set up your project or programme with a firm foundation for success and then hand it back to you or continue to run it to a successful conclusion.

2. Audit of running Project or Programme / Project Recovery

We can audit / health check your already running Project or Programme and report back on what is working well and what needs to be improved. Alternately, we can be brought in to recover a project and bring it back on track.

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3. Improve Project outcomes through Project Manager performance

The performance of individual Project Managers (PMs) is key to improving the outcome of projects in your organisation. Through introduction of a PM performance measurement programme supported by targeted training, the performance of PMs can be enhanced and most importantly, the culture and processes embedded in the organisation to ensure future sustained improvements.

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4. Review and Improve Project / Programme Management Tools and Processes

We can review the tools and processes used by Project and Programme Managers in your organisation and recommend areas of improvement.



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