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Q:How does a project slip? A:One day at a time

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What you don't know hurts you

Papers / Case Studies

Blog - How to be a better Sheepdog?

Director David Willcox's blog with articles on how to improve Project Success

An objective assessment of Project Management capability is proposed as a means of driving up standards

The thesis in this paper is that certification standards such as PRINCE2 Practitioner are often mistakenly used as a measure of the capability of Project Managers and that a much deeper objective (i.e. evidence based) measurement approach from actual performance on a project is much superior if properly defined & executed (Apr 2006)

A new Paradigm for the definition of a successful project

A new Paradigm for Project Success is suggested to incorporate the need to balance key constraints of Time, Cost and Quality / Scope without losing focus on the key goal of the project - to secure the expected benefits (Feb 2010)

Earned Value - A simple approach for Product Based Planners

Earned Value is an advanced Project progress monitoring approach, which requires significant effort to apply and as a result is not often utilised. A simplified approach is suggested as a by-product of "product based planning" technique (Jun 2012)

IT Project Audit / Health Check - Considerations & Approach

Some practical thoughts on what to consider when undertaking an audit / health check of an IT project and some suggestions on approach (Jul 2012)

IT Project Change Management - practical suggestions for process improvement

The importance of good change management in IT projects is justified and practical suggestions given for improvements on vanilla processes described in methods such as PRINCE2 (Nov 2012)

Project Management in Proverb Comic Strips

A different type of Project Management manual demonstrating both technical skills and behavioural characteristic through memory jogging Proverbs (Oct 2013)



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