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As part of the PlanIT quality approach, client feedback is sought after each consultant assignment. These are genuine pieces of feedback given at the end of assignments but to encourage feedback, permission to publish has not been sought and as such client and consultant names have been edited out.


Significant IT supplier in education sector


2006 - 2007


Project management of a project to deliver a turnkey learning platform to contractually committed dates

Client Feedback from Programme manager

The project was extremely complicated due to its use of new technology, many dependencies, tight timescales and resource. PlanIT_Consultant has done an exceptional job of completing the various phases on time and has shown fantastic diligence to maintain and control the scope changes in difficult circumstances.


Major high street bank – credit card division


2007 - 2008

Assignment Description

Recover an in flight project which was behind plan to deliver a new insurance product across a variety of channels

Client Feedback from Business Change Project Manager

PlanIT_Consultant provided me with exceptional IT project management on the project_name project. His effective project planning and persistent follow through ensured that several workstreams of IT build and development work stayed on track; his stakeholder management helped broker effective solutions to a number of challenges on the project. The project would have not implemented successfully without PlanIT_Consultant dedicated work in partnership with the business change team.


Major worldwide recruitment company


2008 - 2010

Assignment Description

Implementation Manager for programme to replace over 70 different world-wide legacy CRM systems reporting to Programme Director and responsible for overall programme planning

Client Feedback from Programme Director

PlanIT_Consultant is in a league of his own. His tenacity, solid project management skills combined with extreme pragmatism, sense of humour even when we are under heavy artillery fire and the kid inside him meant that we would not have been so successful without him. He is a very proud and principled man and will not accept not doing a good job and not being honest.

Client Feedback from Business Change Director

PlanIT_Consultant and I worked together, he as implementation manager for a technology change, me as business change director responsible for guiding our operations through those changes. This has been, for me at least, a very complex and multi-headed beast. PlanIT_Consultant has been precise, clear and courageous in the face of pressures over time, cost and changing priorities, and has maintained his calm and good-humoured approach throughout. I have no doubt that we would not have achieved the success we have without PlanIT_Consultant guidance and control.


Major high street bank – Mortgage division


2010 - 2011

Assignment Description

Recover an in flight project to link the Mortgage sales system to the Customer system. Retained to deliver the follow on project (which had the main benefits) to implement a discounted Mortgage product for existing bank customers.

Client Feedback from Business Change lead

I have worked with PlanIT_Consultant with myself as the Business Change lead and PlanIT_Consultant as Technology Project Manager on one of our key 2010/2011 projects. PlanIT_Consultant has been an invaluable partner in the successful delivery of this project with key attributes being: (a) consideration given to the business and customers needs (b) translates technical complexity into something the business recipient will understand and make informed decisions based on. (c) a real tenacity to challenge on behalf of the of the business to ensure their objectives are met. (d) always plans with the business in mind and appreciates their constraints and wider challenges.



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